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DUPR Play and Official Rating



DUPR is the gold-standard pickleball rating system here in the United States. Everyone can get a DUPR rating, even if you are a beginner. You can get more information on what DUPR is by checking out their website’s FAQ’s at

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The Pickleball Playground is excited to offer our players the chance to obtain an official DUPR rating through our club. A DUPR rating will be required for some of our leagues. If the league requires a DUPR rating, that will be clearly stated before you register and we will have several opportunities listed on this page for you to come play ratings matches where one of our certified pros will issue you an official DUPR rating.

If you would like to begin the process of getting an official DUPR rating, you must first create a free account at

After creating an account with DUPR, you will need to attend at least 5 of our DUPR Match Sessions. This will give our pros ample opportunity to properly rate your level of play and issue you a rating. At the DUPR match sessions, you will need to ensure that your match scores are recorded on the DUPR RATINGS clipboard. Once a minimum of 5 match sessions are completed, you will receive an official rating.

We do not currently have DUPR match sessions scheduled but check back regularly as we will update this page when they are available.

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